Top Benefits of Local SEO vs. Organic SEO!

Organic searches are the bread and butter for any successful business. Paid advertising can provide local web traffic, but organic searches are the only way to rank on Google and get those sweet, sweet views.

Nationwide retailers typically attract clients no matter their location, while highly localized businesses may want to stick to their specific region.

Understanding the benefits of local SEO vs. organic SEO can determine where you rank globally and show how you measure up alongside the competition down the street.

Buckle up, and get ready for another Lizard lesson on the importance of organic traffic. Don’t forget we’re your one-stop shop for anything from SEO, paid search, and social media management!

Organic SEO Explained

Let’s start with the basics before we lead you down the local SEO rabbit hole.

Search engine optimization focuses on quality content creation, site optimizations, and targeted keyword research that caters to topics trending in your industry. Because these methods rely on public interest, your site content is often at the mercy of search engine algorithms and a fickle audience.

Regardless of your chosen SEO strategy, it’s important to remember that demand dictates your traffic. Even if your content is ranked page one and optimized by the SEO gods themselves, you won’t reap the fruits of your labor unless a thriving market exists.

Well-optimized sites and blogs please the all-powerful search engine algorithms and play a role in ranking higher. Backlinks, site age, and relevant topics can also help you reach the coveted number-one spot.

Purely organic SEO strategies tend to encourage traffic, no matter the source. Any traffic is good, even if it may not necessarily lead to a sale.

Examples of this content include general information blog posts about topics in your niche, well-optimized pages that may appear in searches, or highly detailed guides about topics in which you could be a thought leader.

It’s tempting to scoff at the idea of “unnecessary” web traffic. Who wants it if it won’t lead to guaranteed sales? However, organic SEO is vital as it increases your online visibility, pushes your content to a greater audience, and, more importantly, doesn’t cost you more than your marketing company’s SEO package.

Ranking number one isn’t effortless, so you must rely on optimized and popular content to boost your presence. Don’t worry about web visitors from out of your region. Their views only help push you to the top!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the ins and outs of organic SEO, check out our article here.

Benefits of Local SEO

Yeah, yeah, we know organic traffic is important, but what about the good stuff? How can you boost your rankings in your local sales region or reach real customers ready to buy?

Search engine results are typically tailored to your interests and location, especially if you enable location services on your devices. Whenever you search a specific topic or query, your results differ slightly from someone else in another location.

What you see in your town could look different from someone else the next city over or even from someone across your state.

For location-based services like pest control businesses, HVAC companies, electrical workers, or other service industry professionals, this personalization can make the difference between a page view and a sale.

Dedicated regional research will let you know what people near you are searching for. Understanding potential public interest for topics in your niche can help generate rankings for your services.

But that’s not all! You’ll need to spend quality time beefing up your Google listing by adding high-quality photos of your product, services, and storefront. Plus, you’ll need a business description that will convince customers you’re the one to trust.

Don’t forget to add updated links to your website, social media profiles, and business address. You want to ensure clients have no trouble finding you or finding out about you.

Inputting your business hours is vital, too, especially if you have changes or holiday updates. No one likes calling a phone number that never answers!

One of the benefits of local SEO is that regional customers can find everything they need about your business from the search results or your Google business profile. They can schedule an appointment, give you a ring, or make a purchase with a few clicks.

Another perk of a successful local SEO strategy is a boost in your position on Google’s Local Map Pack. Whenever customers search for terms like “stores near me” or “best restaurant in my city,” the best-optimized business profiles appear in the top three spots on the map.

Raising your ranking isn’t easy, especially since only a select few show up first. Here are a few things you’ll need to reach the coveted 1-2-3 spots your potential clients may see:

  • Multiple four or five-star reviews
  • Links on local directories (think Angi, Yellowbook, Yelp, etc.)
  • Localized web/blog content about location-specific services
  • Frequent business profile updates (sales, blogs, hours, shoutouts)
  • On-page SEO optimizations for location-based landing pages

Did you get that?

Wait, where’s your pen and paper? Don’t forget about the super secret Lizard pop quiz at the end!

Local SEO vs. Organic SEO: What to Choose?

So, what’s the best option for your business?

Ideally, you’d utilize a mix of successful local and organic strategies to optimize your business. Unless you purely operate online, reaching local customers and creating content that matches organic trends is the way to go.

Optimizing your local presence is vital to generate sales, but you’ll need the views and rankings to compete against others in your city. Location-based service industries need local SEO to thrive, but don’t turn your nose up at the idea of a thoughtful SEO plan.

Easy access to customers is one of the benefits of local SEO, especially if you’re the top result whenever they search for nearby services or products in their area. You’re more likely to cinch a sale if they’re nearby and actively looking to buy.

Plus, creating a positive reputation amongst your neighbors can make you stand out from the competition. An average user reading your blog content won’t care if you have 3.5 stars on Google, but local clients will pay attention.

Combining local SEO techniques with your current organic search strategy can help you reach customers. Traffic is traffic and will always be important no matter the source, but creating connections with people near you is guaranteed to help you make it big.

We were kidding about the pop quiz, by the way. But, if you’re in the market for a quality SEO strategy, local or organic, Lizard’s here to lend a hand. Our SEO specialists can help develop a plan for your business through site audits, optimizations, and blog content.

Contact us here to set up an appointment to discuss your business needs. Whether you’re still weighing the benefits of local SEO or looking for paid search experts, we have your back.

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