Why SEO is Important: Ranking Matters!

You’ve probably heard various marketing terms throughout your time as a business owner.

Paid Ads. SERP features. CTAs. SEO. PPC.

I promise we’re not just tossing letters at you.

Marketing seems like a never-ending Pandora’s Box filled with unexplainable and difficult-to-understand ideas. We’re here to change that! No more stumbling over meetings with cold marketing teams or hesitantly nodding your head at the unknown jargon.

Let’s discuss why SEO is important and why you should care about effective SEO strategies for your business!

What is SEO?

Enough with the acronyms!

SEO stands for search engine optimization, meaning we improve your website and web content to strengthen your rankings on search engines and encourage traffic to your website.

Do a quick Google search. Anything you type will have a group of results that pop up, from the best eats in your location to all the hot gossip on your favorite megastar or micro internet celebrity. We don’t judge.

There are thousands of results to choose from, but the first page is where the magic happens. Ranking content helps your business grow, but page one is the end goal of any successful SEO strategy.

Why SEO is Important:

Page One Rankings Explained

It’s not easy being on top, and getting there can be even more challenging. SEO relies on purely organic searches, so you can’t pay your way to the top spot on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Unlike paid search ads, like pay-per-click, social media, or local service, organic search rankings are free and up to the mercy of search engine algorithms and organic consumer searches.

Typically, long-standing or well-known businesses garner the top spot for first-page rankings, but anyone can get there. All you need is quality content, an accessible and optimized website, and a few backlinks to get your feet wet.

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Content is Key

No matter your niche, there’s an audience for your business. From service industry pros to e-commerce experts, blog content is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website.

Boosting your organic presence on search engines pushes more people to your site, increasing their likelihood of purchasing what you offer. More site traffic correlates to higher conversions. Simple, right?

Not any run-of-the-mill blog will cut it, though. You’ll need informative, updated, and easy-to-read text to keep customers returning to your site. Well-researched, long-form blogs consistently rank better than shorter, less detailed pieces.

But wait! There’s more!

Only some topics have the search volume to back them up. Unless you have an inquisitive audience regularly searching for your subject, your high-quality content may never see the light of day.

Picking highly searched and relatively well-ranking keywords enhances your chances of pleasing your audience and a search engine’s fickle algorithm. You can’t compete with difficult keywords, but your site won’t gain traction by relying on low-hanging fruit.

This is why SEO is important! Well-thought-out and optimized keyword strategies coupled with unparalleled copywriting will skyrocket your site to the top and have the great Google gods smiling down on you.

At Lizard, our SEO specialists can create a plan tailored specifically to your needs through careful keyword research, thoughtful writing, and continued optimizations.

Optimize Your Website

Let’s face it. No one wants to comb through a clunky site looking for the correct page. Search engine optimization means more than ranking! You need a killer site to match the quality of your services.

Improving your user experience isn’t just a shiny coat of paint. Aesthetics preserve your branding, but a well-oiled website keeps the lights on.

Fast loading times, easy-to-navigate sites, relevant text and content, interconnect pages, and anything else that improves a user’s time on your site makes the difference between cash in your pocket and another business’s sale.

An optimized website impresses consumers and caters to Google’s web crawlers (bots combing your website to categorize URLs). With new integrations and updates to Google’s algorithm, getting your site in tip-top shape is more important than ever.

Here are a few things to consider when optimizing your website for higher rankings:

  • Fast site speed
  • Correct schema structure
  • Alt attributes on all photos
  • Few redirects and zero broken links or 404 pages
  • Meta descriptions on every indexable page on your site
  • Ensuring your website is accessible for any screen or user
  • Interconnected webpages. We don’t want orphan pages on your sitemap!

We’ll give you a rundown on these terms in a later article, but don’t let words like ‘meta descriptions’ or ‘schema’ scare you. We understand why SEO is important for your business and can do all the hard work.

All About Backlinks

A good SEO strategy is more than one & done. You can’t stop there even if your content rivals the classics or your website is a web developer’s best friend. You’ll need a consistent plan to keep your content & website up to date with new information & search engine updates.

Backlinks are links from another website that link back to yours. These web pages can be in your niche or appeal to a related industry. For example, blogs on pest control may garner backlinks from gardening or home improvement agencies.

These links can come in many shapes and sizes too. Top 10 lists, directory links, or citations can point other consumers back to your site, giving you more attention and potentially more revenue.

Sometimes gaining a backlink is as simple as sending an email, while other times, you’ll need to fork over cash or an equivalent blog or shoutout to get what you need. Don’t worry, though! We have all of that handled.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Here’s why SEO is important: search engine guidelines and operations are ever-changing. You’ll need a routine plan to stay on top of the rankings.

Keep content fresh with regular optimizations. See a blog that’s performing well? Integrate the same strategies into other low-performing pieces. Update titles, incorporate more keywords, improve text legibility, or even write more.

New content is vital, but remember to give your published work a little love now and again. It will save you time and even boost your ranking potential.

SEO is vital for businesses to snag web traffic and boost their image. Plus, who wouldn’t want free advertisement on the web? With our personalized SEO strategies and talented specialists, we can develop a plan guaranteed to help you succeed.

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