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Automate Your Sales Process with Dragon AI

Maximize your sales team’s potential with Dragon AI. Unlock our personalized tools to streamline your processes and boost your closing ratio. Reach out to us at

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An All-in-One Solution to Manage All of Your Marketing Efforts

Struggling to manage your marketing efforts? Dragon AI simplifies everything for your service business. From handling leads to keeping tabs on your reputation, it’s all in one place. Get control and stay ahead. Learn more at

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How LP Helped The Magic5 Earned Over 10 Million Impressions In 2 Years

Logical Position helped lure the Magic5 into one of the most historic deals in Shark Tank history -using Google Ads, dialing in cost-per-acquisition, and targeting major keywords. After two years with LP, they earned a 7x return-on-ad-spend, 10+ million impressions, and went from $38,000 in quarterly revenue to $278,000 in quarterly revenue.

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How To Build Trust With Your Brand

When your brand story is genuine, it resonates, forging meaningful connections and nurturing trust with those who share your vision. In the world of marketing, where noise is abundant, authenticity becomes your megaphone, amplifying your distinct message. At Lizard, we specialize in guiding brands to embrace and showcase their authentic selves. Let us be the compass that helps you truly stand out.

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